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J2EE Refactoring

Thanks for your interest in J2EE refactoring!

The Core J2EE Patterns book discusses various refactorings for the J2EE Platform. Currently, these are not available on this website. The refactorings listed on this page are described in detail in the Core J2EE Patterns book.

The following J2EE refactoring are presented in detail in the Core J2EE Patterns book.

Presentation Tier Refactoring

  • Introduce a Controller
  • Introduce Synchronizer Token
  • Localize Disparate Logic
  • Hide Presentation Tier Specific Details from the Business Tier
  • Remove Conversions from View
  • Hide Resource From a Client

Business Tier Refactoring

  • Wrap Entities with Session
  • Introduce Business Delegate
  • Merge Session Beans
  • Reduce Inter-Entity Bean Communication
  • Move Business Logic to Session

General Refactoring

  • Separate Data Access Code
  • Refactor Architecture by Tiers
  • Use a Connection Pool

New to Refactoring?

In case you are not familiar with refactoring, we highly recommend Martin Fowler's book: Refactoring: Improving the Design of Existing Code. In that book, Fowler provides many techniques (and catalog) for refactoring existing Java code to improve it. We adopted the same concept of refactoring, but apply it at a higher level of abstraction in J2EE.

Click here to read more about Martin Fowler's refactoring book.

Stay tuned...and...Enjoy!

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