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In spite of the rigorous reviews by the authors and the editors, some discrepencies and errors may have crept in the final printing. We apologize for the inconvenience and rest assured that we will fix any errors as soon as possible. This page provides the latest list of the errors reported in the 2nd edition. We will continually update this page as and when necessary.

Errata for Core J2EE Patterns, 2nd Edition

Page # Description Found In Reported By Reported On Will Fix
521 Figure 8.18: Printing Error (Image reversed)
Click here to view/print the correct diagram
1st printing John Crupi
06/12/2003 2nd printing

Wrong diagram referenced. IN the last sentence of the first paragraph:
...Figure 6.36 on page 247...
should be changed to:
...Figure 6.38 on page 257...

1st printing Deepak Alur
07/20/2003 2nd printing

Error is source code for Example 8.3. Corrected lines below (remove "static" in method signature):

11 public CustomerDAO getCustomerDAO()
16 public EmployeeDAO getEmployeeDAO()

1st printing Craig Margenau
Network Associates
7/16/2003 2nd printing

ValueListIterator definition:
Corrected sentence is:
A ValueListIterator provides an iteration mechanism to iterate over the contents of the ValueList.

1st printing Dirk Koschorek
7/22/2003 2nd printing

The first consequence for Data Access Object pattern is wrongly included on this page. The consequence is "Centralizes control with loosely coupled handlers".
It actually belongs to the Intercepting Filter pattern and is included in that pattern's consequence on page 165.

1st printing Shawn Winstanley
Borealis Software Inc.
8/6/2003 2nd printing
266 The last para above the example should point to the correct example number.
"...Example 6.60." should be changed to "...Example 6.59."
1st printing Shawn Winstanley
Borealis Software Inc.
8/10/2003 2nd printing
307 Section subheader "Delegate s Strategy" should be "Delegate Proxy Strategy" 1st printing John Serock 9/9/2003 2nd printing
463 Missing word - "object". Third Paragraph should read:
"The DAO is implemented as a stateless object...."
1st printing John Serock 9/8/2003 2nd printing
25 Example 2.2, Line 10 should be:
instead of
1st printing Bob Stine 9/13/2003 2nd printing
176 Wrong diagram shown in Figure 6.13 for Command and Controller Strategy Sequence Diagram.
Click here to view/print the correct diagram
1st printing Rob Ross
Senior Software Engineer
E! Networks
9/27/03 2nd printing

Incorrect reference to presentation tier in paragraph. The corrected paragraph is:
“Table 5-3 shows the functions typically handled by the integration tier patterns and indicates which pattern provides a solution”.

1st printing Mark Douglas Jacyntho
Professor Department of Informatics , Candido Mendes University
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
10/10/03 2nd printing
325 Figure 7.11 JMS Queue Service Locator Strategy Class Diagram. Method names inside the ServiceLocator box should be getQueueConnectionFactory:QueueConnectionFactory
1st printing Karwan Salih
Diverse Technologies Corporation
03/04/04 2nd printing

Example 6.47 represents Service to Worker, with command
should be :
Figure 6.43 represents Service To Worker, with command

1st printing Rafael Antonio Botero 4/1/04 2nd printing

Example 6.48 represents Service to Worker, with helper
should be:
Figure 6.44 represents Service To Worker, with helper

1st printing Rafael Antonio Botero 4/1/04 2nd printing

Example 6.49 shows the sequence ...
should be:
Figure 6.45 shows the sequence ...

1st printing Rafael Antonio Botero 4/1/04 2nd printing

Found an error in the book?

Report it to us and we will request our publisher to fix it in the next printing at the earliest. We will also publish it on this page to aid other readers.

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