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Intercepting Filter

See Core J2EE Patterns, 2nd Edition for full description of this pattern and its strategies.


You want to intercept and manipulate a request and a response before and after the request is processed.


  • You want centralized, common processing across requests, such as checking the data-encoding scheme of each request, logging information about each request, or compressing an outgoing response.
  • You want pre and postprocessing components loosely coupled with core request-handling services to facilitate unobtrusive addition and removal.
  • You want pre and postprocessing components independent of each other and self contained to facilitate reuse.


Use an Intercepting Filter as a pluggable filter to pre and postprocess requests and responses. A filter manager combines loosely coupled filters in a chain, delegating control to the appropriate filter. In this way, you can add, remove, and combine these filters in various ways without changing existing code.

Class Diagram

Sequence Diagram


  • Standard Filter Strategy
  • Custom Filter Strategy
  • Base Filter Strategy
  • Template Filter Strategy
  • Web Service Message Handling Strategies
    • Custom SOAP Filter Strategy
    • JAX RPC Filter Strategy


  • Centralizes control with loosely coupled handlers
  • Improves reusability
  • Declarative and flexible configuration
  • Information sharing is inefficient

Related Patterns

  • Front Controller
    The controller solves some similar problems, but is better suited to handling core processing.
  • Decorator [GoF]
    The Intercepting Filter is related to the Decorator, which provides for dynamically pluggable wrappers.
  • Template Method [GoF]
    The Template Method is used to implement the Template Filter strategy.
  • Interceptor [POSA2]
    The Intercepting Filter is related to the Interceptor, which allows services to be added transparently and triggered automatically.
  • Pipes and Filters [POSA1]
    The Intercepting Filter is related to Pipes and Filters.
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