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Application Service

See Core J2EE Patterns, 2nd Edition for full description of this pattern and its strategies.


You want to centralize business logic across several business-tier components and services.


  • You want to minimize business logic in service facades.
  • You have business logic acting on multiple Business Objects or services.
  • You want to provide a coarser-grained service API over existing business-tier components and services.
  • You want to encapsulate use case-specific logic outside of individual Business Objects.


Use an Application Service to centralize and aggregate behavior to provide a uniform service layer.

Class Diagram

Sequence Diagram


  • Application Service Command Strategy
  • GoF Strategy for Application Service Strategy
  • Application Service Layer Strategy


  • Centralizes reusable business and workflow logic
  • Improves reusability of business logic
  • Avoids duplication of code
  • Simplifies facade implementations
  • Introduces additional layer in the business tier

Related Patterns

  • Session Façade
    Application Services provide the background infrastructure for Session Façades, which become simpler to implement and contain less code because they can delegate the business processing to Application Services.
  • Business Object
    In applications that use Business Objects, Application Services encapsulate cross-Business Objects logic and interact with several Business Objects.
  • Data Access Object
    In some applications, an Application Service can use a Data Access Object directly to access data in a data store.
  • Service Layer [PEAA]
    Application Service is similar to Service Layer pattern in that both aim to promote a service layer in your application. Service Layer explains how a set of services can be used to create a boundary layer for your application.
  • Transaction Script [PEAA]
    When an Application Service is used without Business Objects (374), it becomes a service object where you can implement your procedural logic. Transaction Script describes the use of procedural approach to implementing business logic in your application.
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